Technical content that clearly and concisely communicates your product value

Content focused on customer value

As engineers and technical marketers, we love to talk about our products.
We are excited about our product capabilities and features.
We are proud of our best-in-industry performance.

But, technical marketing content cannot focus on the product and features alone.
Customers are not looking for features, they are looking for solutions to their challenges.

Great technical content clearly and concisely communicates the value of your product as a solution to important customer challenges.

About me

Over the last 20 years, I have produced a variety of tech content for a
broad range of hardware and software solutions. I have worked in a number of technical, product management, business management, strategy, sales and marketing positions, but have always contributed to the creation of tehnical marketing content and been active in promoting both the products and the company.

As an electronic engineer turned marketeer, I have the technical background to understand technology faster than most writers, but I also have the sales and marketing experience to know that customers don’t buy products that they don’t need. They buy solutions that bring them value. 

My goal is to help you to produce content that communicates that value
clearly and concisely and thereby motivates your customers to act.

Content for a broad range of technology

Content Examples

Thought Leadership

Brand Awareness

Engagement process and terms

The first step is a meeting to understand your objectives and needs and the scope of the engagement. The next meeting will be a briefing to understand your customer, the value you provide, the product and the message that you want to convey. Based on this briefing an outline will be provided that will constitute our agreement on what is to be delivered.

Contact Details

Daniel Joseph Barry

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